When it comes to cereal and unhealthy treats


When it comes to research done by companies on the failings of their products, millennials are blamed for just about all of it. From cable to cereal, companies are noticing that the trends of current generations are not leaning in their favor. This also applies to the news, where print media and cable news are now becoming somewhat obsolete. But what do we do about this changing information and economical environment? Well, nothing. Capitalism isn’t used to the changing operations of society, especially since it hasn’t been around long enough to experience huge diversions in sales that are largely being influenced by trends from the advent and population of the internet.

When it comes to cereal and unhealthy treats, most millennials are getting in the know about their health. They’re paying more attention to labels, added sugar, and nutrients. Doctors have been telling us to do this for ages now, and now that younger people are taking that in and actually caring about their bodies, millennials are blamed for the downfall of companies that produce bad or unhealthy products.

For the News, it’s all about following the trends of different and growing generations. There has been nothing more influential than the internet when it comes to new generations, which has been markedly difficult for companies who do not value the changing directions of the population to follow. This means that we can’t just rely on the traditional approach to media, so that everyone has an equal chance of learning. Understanding your potential consumers should be the prime objective for companies, but that lesson has been lost on many folks.

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