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Romance films or romance movies are based on romantic love stories. These films are full of passion, emotion,   affectionate true love of two people. These films shows that how two people who are so deeply in love with each other and how they fight with people, their relatives or the whole world to stay with each other. These films show the whole journey that their genuinely strong, true and pure romantic love takes them through dating, courtship, marriage and in case of sad ending the separation. Romantic films can be about anything and any kind of people. These films show how hard it is cope with so many bad things in life, the reality of lives and how people manage to keep their love for each other alive.

Love is not a simple story of two people falling for each other at first sight; it can be between young and older love, unrequited romantic love, obsessive love, sentimental love, spiritual love, sacrificial love, explosive and destructive love, and tragic love and a romantic film can be based on any of such home. Some romantic films are the best escape for people from the tough realities of life but there are also those films which actually show people that things are not as easy as they seem. This film can be about two people in love and getting married, these films can also be about two people dying for each other.

Romantic films have been categorized in many different sub genres based on their stories and themes.

Historical romance based on the history. The story of the film can based on reality or it can be work of fiction. There are many films on historical romance and the story of the film can be newly written or it can be from a historical novel. Romeo Juliet is the great example of historical romance. There are different films made by different directors with same story. In some of them the plot of the film based on old times but there are also some films which have the same concept but modern romance and time has shown.

Romantic drama film will have music for every emotion and feeling. The conclusion of a romantic drama typically does not indicate whether a final romantic union between the two main characters will occur. La la land is the latest example of the best romantic film. This story is about two people who fall in love with each other but their carrier made them to go to different directions. You can watch this film on putlocker without any kind of registration and payment.

Romantic comedies are the best way to have a fun and entertaining time and to forget the harsh realities of life. These film shows the love of two people and how they try to cope up with obstacles come in their ways but in a funny and light-hearted way. Silver lining is the best example of romantic comedy.

Romantic fantasy films based on dreams and thoughts of people and these films are about tose stories which are not true.


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