When looking for a chat plugin for WordPress, there are a few important factors that you should consider. While there are many free options, you may want to consider investing in a paid version. The best WordPress chat plugins are often free. However, there are some premium options available as well. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most popular ones and why you should get one for your site. We’ll also touch on the features of each and provide a quick review.

Smartsupp is one of the most popular WordPress chat plugins, and it has an Android and iOS store version. This premium live chat plugin includes a free trial for three users and is a fully featured, customizable, and feature-rich product. This plugin includes a one-year chat history, full customization, and detailed visitor information. Tidio and Smartlook are another popular option. Both of these live chat plugins have beautiful interfaces and allow for video recordings.

Wise Chat is a premium WordPress chat plugin that offers a wide range of features and options. For example, this plugin can add unlimited chat channels, including private ones. It also allows single sign-in with your website and media file transfers. You can even post photos and links from your phone. This plugin is also compatible with YouTube videos and file attachments. With so many features, Wise Chat has a place on your site.

The Zendesk Suite is another popular WordPress chat plugin. It is an all-in-one solution for managing conversations across your social media accounts, WordPress sites, and even on Facebook. This comprehensive chat tool also includes live chat and automated bots. Plans start at $39 per month, but it does offer a free 14-day trial. Support Board has a free version, which is a plus for a free trial. It does a good job of keeping up with its more established rivals, and it integrates with existing chat tools.

The most popular WordPress chat plugin is the ZenDesk Suite. It can manage conversations on social media and WordPress sites. It is a comprehensive chat tool that is designed to help you answer customer questions and resolve their issues. Although the pricing is higher than other similar products, Support Board offers a 14-day free trial and is an excellent choice for WordPress chat plugins. It offers several unique advantages and is compatible with other popular chatting tools.

In addition to being free, this plugin has a premium version, which lets you manage multiple chats at once. It also integrates with 3CX Communications Suite, which has voice and video capabilities. The premium version of 3CX Live Chat has multiple agents and supports offline email forms. It has an extensive chat library and can be customized to fit your website. If you’re on a budget, Support Board can be a good option. This plugin can be integrated with existing chat tools.

While Zendesk Chat is the most popular free WordPress chat plugin, you can also use it for offline contact forms. It also allows you to rate your chat agents. The best WordPress live chat plugins are built in a way that they’re fully compatible with the platform. You’ll be able to choose the one that works best for you. The best live chat for WordPress will work with any theme, so choose one that’s compatible with your website.

The best WordPress chat plugins will offer you more than just live chats. They will give you detailed analytics of your website. Insights like this are essential in figuring out which type of chat to use. While some of the free plugins might be a good choice for your current needs, others might be more suitable for your future plans. This will depend on your goals and how you intend to use the chat widgets.

Aside from LiveChat, there are other great WordPress chat plugins. For example, Zopim is a popular live chat plugin. It has an integrated ticketing system and offers over 40 languages. Both of these features will help you improve your customer service. These plugins can be used to solve customer issues. You can also use them to track your sales. If you’re looking for a WordPress chat plugin for WordPress, you should consider the following options.